Murrieta Appliance Repair Company And Web Design Firm Team Up

Hi everyone, if you are reading this post looking for ways to get leads for your appliance repair business then you have come to the right place. I wanted to tell you about a success story of a small appliance repair business in Murrieta took their business to the next level. Before I get into how Murrieta Website Design helped launch these guys to the top of the internet, I wanted to give a little background on what most companies go through. Many appliance business have become victim to being sold a web site that was promised to produce results. What ends of happening is you get a website that looks great and maybe it was even seo optimized but after a couple grand your phone still aint ringing. That’s because most web design companies in Murrieta dont want to tell you that’s not the only thing you need to get appliance leads. You need a complete appliance repair marketing plan that only a trustworthy company can provide.

One of the most common mistakes that make me cringe every time when it comes to appliance repair website design is the long slider on home pages. These sliders may look beautiful but the only thing these sliders will do is turn away half your customers. Using google analytics I can see that these sliders aren’t the way to go. Right now what keeps my clients visitors on the website longer is animated explainer videos for small businesses. To see see a example on you tube check out appliance repair Murrieta ca video. These videos not only keep your clients interested but it makes it very easy for the customer to understand exactly what it is you do and why your the best choice. After you got your customers engaged you need calls to action. Which we have years of experience creating high converting appliance repair landing pages.

When we first met Murrieta Appliance Repair they were very close to shutting their doors. These are the types of cases that keep us going. We love to be the ones who were able to lend a helping hand and pick you back up. There problem was they knew they had to invest in advertising but most advertising was just another expense and didn’t increase sales. We came up with an affordable solution where all you need to do is pay per lead. We would only charge them for phone calls that lasted longer then 60 seconds. Finally they were able to try out a risk free marketing solution. Now their getting phone calls daily and we hope we can do the same for you.

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