When Customers Need Appliance Repairs Will They Find You Or Someone Else?

It can be hard to rely on a single seo company to handle your entire marketing plans. We have heard the horror stories from our clients about how they got scammed. The problem is many phone book companies offer these seo services to help get your website found and they have no idea what they are doing. Get Local has been delivering appliance repair leads for the last 5 years. No other company can cater to appliance repair businesses like we do.

Here’s the problem many companies focus on the sales of appliance marketing and not the results. Some companies keep you in year contracts and if you don’t rank at all after a year oh well. It’s on to the next victim for them. With Get Local we offer 2 and 3 month money back guarantees. Bottom line if we can’t get you on the first page after the trial period prior expires you get your money back.

If you have just started your appliance business and don’t have the funds just yet it’s ok. Get Local wrote a really good article explaining how to market your appliance business. It talks about the basic steps of creating a local listing, citation building and more.