Creating Explainer Videos on a budget

When you are on a budget finding a reliable video production company can be tough. It’s hard to find a company that can not only create an amazing explianer video but deliver it on time including all the bells and whistles. When on a budget you have to start thinking of what are the most important elements your videos needs to include. For example normal animated commercials contain script, voice over, sound effects, music and animation. When your on a budget it’s hard to find an explainer video company to deliver on all of these requirements. Lucky for you I have included a few companies who will create explainer videos for your business on a budget.

Let’s first take a look at explain it videos. These guys have been on the scene for a while now and you can see some of there videos examples below.

You can get an animated commercial just like this one for under $2k. Most companies will offer this same value but for double or triple the amount. If you can’t go this route of hiring a professional company you can always go the route of creating a video yourself. This takes up a lot more of your time and is a bit of a learning curve but it is also way cheaper.

First thing your going to want to do is start getting ideas. You can find many good ideas of explainer videos here. Once you have the ideas you can go to a free lance type of place and ask a video editor to make you a similar video. or you can say screw it just go to fiverr and i’m sure someone will make you a piece of shit video for $5. A video so awful you will be ashamed to show it off on your websites and youtube. I beg you please don’t go that route instead get a high end video like this one below.